Message From Principal

Welcome to our official website . It gives me immense pleasure that, in consonance with the “ Vision 2021 for Bangladesh ” calling for change as well as adaptation to an ICT based digitalized global environment, we have redesigned our website with all the latest information about our institution.

From its humble beginning on July 20, 1979 as Govt. Haji Mohd. Mohsin College , Chittagong through the unification of Islamic Intermediate College and Govt. Higher Secondary College, it has expanded its domains in various fields of education. It aims at becoming a pioneering institution with the vision of being an academic hub that creates the intellectual capital required for the development of the nation and sustaining the socio-economic growth of the country. Our distinguished academicians are committed to imparting their wisdom and enlightening the path of the nation’s development beyond normal boundaries.

I am confident that the website in its user-friendly format will substantially meet the practical needs of learners in particular and all concerned in general in knowing about Govt. Haji Mohd. Mohsin College . The website not only provides necessary information on the scopes and opportunities currently available here to pursue higher studies into different disciplines but also gives some idea about the aspirations, aims, plans, policies, goals and achievements of our institution.

Govt. Haji Mohammad Mohsin College is recognised by the Ministry of Education, Government of Bangladesh as one of the top thirty government colleges of the country. I feel proud of being a part of this prestigious institution. I am also very happy that Govt. Haji Mohammad Mohsin College has now entered the world of Information and Technology through the installation of its own Website. I hope that whoever visits this website will get a clear picture of Govt. Haji Mohd. Mohsin College as a whole and this will help everybody make the right choice.

With best wishes

Professor Anjan Kumar Nandy

(ID: 2783)

Govt. Hazi Mohd. Mohsin College, Chittagong